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What's BEST For You: How the Bio Energetic Sychronization Technique helps you be your BEST self!
Linda Croyle of Everything Healed (www.everythinghealed.com) speaks with Pema Teeter (www.storycharmer.com) about how she uses BEST to remove any subconscious interference in clients that locks them i...
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Everything Healed? 
            Is that even possible?

Migraines? Yes!
Anxiety & depression? Yes! Insomnia? Yes!
Severe pain? Yes!
What if I just want to feel great?  Yes!
We work with you to find and remove the cause of your condition so that you can lead the healthy, dynamic life you were intended to lead.
Everything Healed provides you with the information, inspiration, and physical balancing treatments (B.E.S.T.) that find and remove the cause of any interference that is preventing you from living a life of vibrant health, happiness and success.  
With a unique protocol developed for each individual, results are immediate and long lasting.  Every client walks away from the session feeling better and with an action plan to continue to improve in all aspects of health.
Whether you are looking for relief from pain, injury or disease, seeking healing from present or past emotional or physical trauma, or simply wanting to achieve optimal health and realize your full potential, BEST will work for you!!
Check out Linda's Free 3rd Thursday workshops, held from 6:30-8:00pm at 1520 State St. Santa Barbara, CA.
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